Unibap is expert on intelligent processing hardware and software infrastructure for industrial robotics and autonomous systems. The company designs and manufactures highly optimized heterogeneous and fault tolerant processing solutions for Deep Learning algorithms under the Unibap software framework called “Deep Delphi”. The fastest models of the Deep Delphi hardened hardware has 1000 GFLOPS of computational performance spread over GPU, CPU, and FPGAs.

Unibap is a start-up company spun out of Mälardalen University in 2013 with offices in Uppsala and Västerås in Sweden. Unibap is serving the industrial robotic market with advanced intelligent visual perception systems based on stereo-imaging with built in artificial intelligence. Unibap employs more than 10 specialists in the fields of robotics, image processing, and artificial intelligence. The company works in close cooperation with Advanced Micro Devices to optimize the hardware for maximum performance.