Founded in 1906, DTI is a self-owned and not-for-profit institution occupying a crucial position at the point where research, business, and the community converge. DTI’s mission is to promote growth by improving interaction and encourage synergy between these three areas. It has around 1,100 employees, making it one of Denmark’s most significant private institutes to supply approved technological services such as consultancy, tests, certification and training for companies and public-sector organizations.

DTI’s Centre for Robot Technology is located in Odense, where the Institute has established a close and strategic relationship with University of Southern Denmark. DTI aims to be a pioneer in Denmark and abroad for application-orientated technology and also technology and knowledge transfer between research and business, particularly for SMEs. DTI is actively involved in many national, European, and Northern American robotics projects in industry, education and healthcare as a research partner as well as being involved in dissemination and technology transfer. We have considerable experience in pushing the boundaries with robotic automation until it meets actual needs on the factory floor. We specialize in system design, sensor-controlled behaviors, user interfaces, human-robot interaction, bid data, error recovery and exception handling. Our focus is innovation—applying new research results and technologies to create the robot solutions in the markets of tomorrow.