Microservices-based app modeling and development

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Host: ABB, ABB Robotics and ABB Corporate Research section.

  • Main supervisor: Dr. Magnus Larsson, magnus.larsson@mdh.se (contact person)
  • Co-supervisor: Prof. Hans Hansson, hans.hansson@mdh.se



  1. Develop microservice-based application modeling that use the Fog-based infrastructure.
  2. Develop an API for application development on the Fog-based middleware.
  3. Develop apps and microservices to demonstrate the Fog Computing Platform on use cases from the industrial partners.

Expected Results:

  • Programming model for microservice-based application development in the Fog.
  • Development of several application types using microservices, the Fog Software Manager and the services developed by the other ESRs: robotics control application, soft real-time application, best-effort application.
  • Evaluating the programming model on robotics applications from ABB (multiple YuMis); comparison to dedicated OT solutions.

Planned visits and collaboration:

  • DTU (Prof. Paul Pop): Define real-time control apps and evaluate their QoC on the Fog Infrastructure.


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Relevant publications:

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