FORA AADL Workshop


The FORA AADL Workshop, in collaboration with the Institute of Information Systems Engineering of TU Wien, took place December 11-13, 2019, at the Distributed Systems Group of TU Wien, Austria. 

The FORA AADL Workshop was a three-day event, organized by Bahram Zarrin (DTU), with focus on the introduction of the AADL in use cases related to fog computing and industrial applications. During the course of this event, the participants had the chance to receive hands-on training, and to discuss the FORA AADL model which is planned to be used for describing the FORA Reference Architecture for fog computing.

This workshop was the first of a series consisting of three similar events that aim at training the next generation scientists in AADL, in Austria (at TU Wien), Denmark (at Technical University of Denmark), and Sweden (at Mälardalen University).