Master thesis “OPC UA / DDS Gateway” contributing to FORA work package two.

Daniel Ramsauer successfully defended his Master thesis with the title ” OPC UA / DDS Gateway” on the 5th of June. 

The main goal was the development of a prototype based on the OMG Group published specification for the connection of the two middlewares. In addition, three scenarios for connecting OPC UA clients through the global DDS data space were generated to evaluate the gateway features and deficiencies. The results show that the specification provides a sufficient level of detail, with the restriction that required parts of DDS are not available as open source and require further implementation work. Additional information and the prototype implementation will soon be available online to the interested public.

The work was supervised by Prof. Dr. W. Kastner and Patrick Denzler (ESR7) of the TU Wien and contributed to the research ongoing in the work package two in the FORA network.