Patrick Denzler

  • Current Position: PhD Candidate TU Wien (Expected Graduation 2022)
  • Education:
    • Dipl. Ing. Electronics, MBA, M.Sc. Production Systems
  • Research Interests:
    • Distributed Systems, Control Theory
    • Emergent System Behaviour
    • Machine Interoperability
    • Philosophy of Science

Research project status:
PhD Student

Research activities:

  • Machine interoperability: OPC UA/DDS Gateway
  • Worst Case Execution Time analysis OPC UA Pub/Sub on the T-CREST platform. 
  • Detection of unexpected emergent system behaviour. 

Host: Vienna University of Technology (TUWIEN)Institute of Computer Aided Automation.

  • Main supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Kastner, (contact person)
  • Co-supervisor: Prof. Gerhard Fohler,

Results (OPC UA/DDS Gateway):

  • Definition of an architecture, technology stack, and the mappings necessary to support the exchange of information and functionality between data-centric DDS and object-oriented OPC UA systems. (Finished)
  • Design and implementation of a vendor-neutral and standard bidirectional gateway for information exchange and interoperability between DDS and OPC UA. (Finished)
  • All results are available under:
  • Relevant publications: [1], [2], [5], [6].

Results (OPC UA PubSub Realtime:):

  • Worst Case Execution Time analysis OPC UA Pub/Sub on the T-CREST platform. (Finished)
  • All results are available under:
  • Relevant publications: [3], [4].

PhD Topic (Emergent behaviour)

The aim of the PhD topic is to research and identify emergent behaviour in highly distributed systems such as fog environments. (Ongoing)

Visits and collaboration:

  • OPC UA PubSub Realtime: Collaboration with DTU based on the T-CREST platform.

Relevant publications:

  • [1] P. Denzler, D. Scheuchenstuhl, D. Ramsauer, and W. Kastner, “Modeling protocol gateways for cyber-physical systems using Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL)” in CIRP CMS 2021 – 54th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, 2021, vol.1, 2021, pp. xx-xx
  • [2] P. Denzler, D. Ramsauer, T. Preindl, and W. Kastner, “Communication and container reconfiguration for cyber-physical production systems”, in 2021 26th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), vol.1, 2021, pp. xx-xx.
  • [3] P. Denzler, T. Frühwirth, A. Kirchberger, M. Schoeberl, and W. Kastner, “Static Timing Analysis of OPC UA PubSub”, in 2021 17th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS), vol.1, 2021, pp. 167 – 174.
  • [4] P. Denzler, T. Frühwirth, A. Kirchberger, M. Schoeberl and W. Kastner: “Experiences from Adjusting Industrial Software for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis”, in 2021 IEEE 24th International Symposium on Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC), vol.1, 2021, pp. 62 – 70.
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