Vasileios Karagiannis

  • Current Position: Research Scientist,
    Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien, Austria
  • Education:
    • PhD in Computer Science (ongoing)
    • MSc in Integrated Hardware and Software Systems
    • BSc in Computer Science
  • Research Interests:
    • Internet of Things
    • Edge computing
    • Self-organizing systems

Google scholar profile

PhD Student

Topic: Distributed Fog Middleware

Host: Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)Distributed Systems Group
PhD Thesis: Self-Organizing Fog Computing Systems (ongoing)


  1. Design a distributed and scalable fog middleware to enable applications to communicate, simplifying the development and deployment of fog-native applications.
  2. Develop a prototype implementation of the middleware, evaluating two options using: i) hierarchical and ii) peer-to-peer approaches for the organization of the fog nodes.

Expected Results:

  • A detailed design of the fog middleware functionality and the associated APIs, for the organization and orchestration of groups of fog nodes.
  • Prototype implementation of the middleware which is scalable, and can run both on low-end and high-end fog nodes.
  • Evaluation of the middleware using real-world experiments.

Planned Visits and Collaboration:

  • TU Kaiserslautern
  • MDH


Within this PhD project, the candidate is expected to develop a distributed middleware for the organization of fog nodes. The middleware should provide functionalities related to the management of groups of fog nodes, i.e., hierarchical and peer-to-peer organization, orchestration, and adaptation. The work conducted within this project will follow an iterative approach, i.e., first, rather centralized approaches to fog middlewares will be realized. From the second project year, the focus will be on decentralized approaches.


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