Mohammed Salman, Shaik

  • Education:
    • M.S – Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Germany
      “Embedded Systems for Mechatronics”
  • Research Interests:
    • Real-time Systems, Service Oriented Architecture
PhD Student

Microservices-based app modeling and development

Host: ABB Robotics 

Main research areas are:
1. Integration of legacy software functions on shared parallel processors, featuring sub-challenges related to predictable interference among software functions, prioritization of software functions and runnable tasks, deadlock-free mutual-exclusion among software functions.

2. Scalable high performance real-time software, allowing for a dynamic number of real-time software functions to co-exist in an environment that is shared with the system’s basic functionality. This include guarantees on freedom of starvation of resources among software functions, given specified levels of quality of service.

FORA objectives:

  1. Develop microservice-based application modeling that use the Fog-based infrastructure.
  2. Develop an API for application development on the Fog-based middleware.
  3. Develop apps and microservices to demonstrate the Fog Computing Platform on use cases from the industrial partners.

Expected Results:

  • Programming model for microservice-based application development in the Fog.
  • Development of several application types using microservices, the Fog Software Manager and the services developed by the other ESRs: robotics control application, soft real-time application, best-effort application.
  • Evaluating the programming model on robotics applications from ABB (multiple YuMis); comparison to dedicated OT solutions.

Planned visits and collaboration:

  • DTU (Prof. Paul Pop): Define real-time control apps and evaluate their QoC on the Fog Infrastructure.