SYSGO specializes in design, implementation, and configuration of device software for the embedded market. Since its foundation in 1991, the company has been focused on real-time operating systems for use in embedded systems. It’s core competencies are: design, implementation, validation, and distribution of microkernel-based operating systems for real-time embedded applications, microkernel-based virtualization, scheduling for multicore processors, scheduling real-time and non-real-time processes in a virtual machine context. SYSGO has ported operating systems to various architectures and platforms, provided professional services and consultancy for these systems and acted as a distributor of operating systems with a strong technical background. The target markets are aerospace/defense, industrial automation, automotive, consumer electronics, and network infrastructure. SYSGO AG was reincorporated as a joint stock company in October 2002. Today, the company has 98 employees in five facilities in Germany and Europe and a global distribution network.

In 1998, SYSGO began to develop its own operating system approach which was conceptually based on the L4 microkernel as introduced by Liedtke et al. This system has gradually evolved over several years of its practical application to the real-time, embedded space. The result of this evolution is the PikeOS microkernel, which today is part of SYSGO’s product portfolio. In addition, the company has significant experience in the certification of operating system software for use in highly safety-critical systems.

The PikeOS MILS solution is used for virtualization in the embedded market and allows the simultaneous existence of different operating systems (including Linux and applications) on a hardware. Currently, PikeOS can host about ten different operating system APIs. Among them are Linux, POSIX PSE52, two different Java virtual machines, Ada, and several popular real-time kernels. PikeOS runs on Intel, Freescale, ARM, MIPS, Renesas and other platforms. Other major products comprise ELinOS, an embedded Linux optimized for real-time applications, that is often deployed atop of PikeOS, and Avionic Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet (ARINC-664 Part 7).

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