Since 1968 Danfoss Drives (a division of Danfoss Power Electronics A/S) has been dedicated to developing frequency converters known as VLT® drives, to control speed, torque, acceleration, synchronization, positioning, and the overall performance of electrical motors. The reliable and innovative VLT® drives are designed to support any automation application and provide major energy savings. An award-winning, innovative modular design makes VLT® drives extremely flexible, enabling us to deliver within days highly customized drives. VLT® drives are provided within the range 0.18 – 1,400 kW. Danfoss is one of the biggest manufacturers of drives in the global market covering a wide range of typical applications, i.e. pumps, HVAC, industrial automation, as well as customize solutions. In order to address customer requirements and complexity of todays’ applications, Danfoss develops real-time software that resides on heterogeneous distributed embedded system controlling the power electronic circuits.