FORA Project Meeting (November 2019)

2019, November 15th, Vienna

On November 15th 2019, the FORA team met on the premises of TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, in order to discuss the current progress of the training network and to lay the foundations for the upcoming deliverables. 

Especially, the three core use cases of FORA, which will take place at ABB, TTTech, and Danfoss, were presented in detail. Afterwards, Bahram Zarrin (DTU) presented an approach to integrate the different parts of the FORA Reference Architecture, using an Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL). This approach has later been discussed in more detail at the single FORA AADL workshops in Vienna, Västerås, and Copenhagen (see below). Furthermore, Paul Pop presented the process towards the compilation of deliverable D5, which will present the aforementioned FORA Reference Architecture. The ideas were discussed within the plenum, and the next steps were reviewed and accepted by the attendants. Towards the end of the meeting, initial planning for the summer school planned for 2020 was started. 

Overall, thirteen project participants from DTU, TUKL, TTTech, MDH and TU Wien participated in the meeting.